Hier findet Ihr die Projekte (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge) die ich während meiner Tour besuchet habe bzw. die mich unterstützt haben.

Here are the projects (in alphabetic order) I visit on my tour and the projects which supported me.

Augsburg / Germany
BikeKitchen AugsburgA2011 – Fahrräder; Ideen

Die Bikekitchen Augsburg ist ein offenes, unkommerzielles Angebot für Selbsthilfe-Fahrrad-Reparaturen. Die Bikekitchen bietet einen dafür ausgestatteten Werkstattraum.

Und eine Küche für gemeinsames Essen und Trinken.

Die Nutzung der Bikekitchen ist kostenlos. Wir verdienen damit kein Geld. Ein paar Euro brauchen wir allerdings für den Betrieb. Deshalb freuen wir uns über kleine Spenden der Bikekitchen-Gäste – wenn’s geschmeckt hat und das Fahrrad wieder läuft. Wir versuchen die Kosten so gering wie möglich zu halten. Recycling! Selbst machen! Kreative Lösungen…

Die Bikekitchen Augsburg – für eine lebendige Augsburger Fahrradkultur.

Augsburg / Germany

Die Initiative VOLLDABEI wurde 2012 von Pareaz e.V. mit dem Ziel ins Leben gerufen, die Willkommenskultur für Flüchtlinge in Augsburg und Schwaben zu bereichern. Wichtig ist uns die Kommunikation mit Augsburger_innen und Bewohner_innen aus dem Umland über Fragen des interkulturellen Zusammenlebens und die Mitgestaltung einer Willkommenskultur von möglichst Vielen.

Willkommenskultur ist für uns

  • eine Grundhaltung der Offenheit und Akzeptanz gegenüber Flüchtlingen – und selbstverständlich gegenüber anderen Menschen,
  • der Abbau von Barrieren, die eine Integration und Inklusion verhindern,
  • die Freude an der Begegnung mit Menschen aus anderen Kulturen.

Belgrade, Serbia

iBikeBelgrade aims at showing the beautiful city of Belgrade in the best way possible. We even dare to say it is the only way to experience all sides of Belgrade in one go. Although biking is a way of transport which is not used a lot in Belgrade, there are many ways to see and experience this beautiful city by bike. Its old parts, its new parts, its nature, its rivers and its atmosphere.

iBikeBelgrade started out of love for Belgrade. Belgrade doesn’t have the Statue of Liberty, a Van Gogh Museum,  skyscrapers or the Louvre. But it is inevitable not to fall in love with this city and its people.

For the founder of iBikeBelgrade this love was so strong that he decided to leave Holland and move to Belgrade to show this city to its visitors. He left everything behind, but took the only thing that every Dutchman needs to survive: his bike! Together with some great people from Belgrade, iBikeBelgrade was formed to make you fall in love with Belgrade too!

iBikeBelgrade is not just any company, it’s a social company. It has been founded with the following aims:

  • To promote bicycle-use in Belgrade
  • To support green projects in Belgrade
  • To create employment
  • To inspire people


Belgrade, Serbia
Ulice za bicikliste

Who are we?
Ulice za bicikliste is an organization formed by a group of people gathered around the same idea, and that is to improve and increase the number of bicyclists in daily traffic in Belgrade, thus putting culture of walking and cycling in the dominant position in relation to a car culture that is out of date.

Ulice za bicikliste organization was created around an event Critical mass. We are proud to be the example of grassroots activists in Belgrade. Our activities take place locally, based on the interest and engagement of the community.

What do we want?
Goals of organization Ulice za bicikliste are to change the mindset of the citizens of Belgrade, which we think is possible with a lot of positive energy on our part, little willingness on the part of the citizens, but with a lot of change in the mindsets of city authorities.

We want to change the city development policy and get:

  • Belgrade for people, not for cars
  • City centre without polluting traffic
  • Pedestrianized squares and better public transport
  • Public bicycles as a public transport subsystem
  • Bicycle paths, lanes and parkings
  • Etc.


Belgrade, Serbia
Yugo Cycling Campaign (YCK)

Cyclists’ association – Yugo Cycling Campaign (YCK) – was established in December in 1998.

The Association was founded to promote: all aspects of cycling that are not competitive type, creating conditions for the safe every day commuting of cyclists, educating young people in order to understand the benefits of cycling, improve the environment, improve safety and health of children, youth and adults.

We are advocating the use of bicycles: primarily as a means of transportation that does not pollute the environment, for recreation, for cyclotourism, for use in the preventive treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases, recovery from injury or to strengthen the immunity system and improve overall health.

We are proposing a construction of network of safe cycling routes both in the cities and between cities, those that are leading to the sport or picnic resorts, national parks, cultural-historical monuments and so on.

Beside many cities and municipalities we are collaborating with several NGOs and other institutions in Serbia:

  • Young Researchers of Serbia
  • Green Youth of Serbia
  • Green Network of Vojvodina
  • REC
  • Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at Belgrade
  • Tourist Organization of Serbia
  • Tourist Organization of Belgrade

From inception until today, the association has organized a variety of cycling events in Belgrade and other Serbian cities. So far we were organizing „Bike Fest“ and „European Mobility Week“.

We are the National coordinator for the ‚European Car Free Day “ already for 11 years, which was organized in more than 70 cities in Serbia. We started the initiative for the construction of bike lift on Branko’s bridge.

We are currently working on Euro Velo Project 13, „Iron Curtain Trail“ – Trail along the former „Iron Curtain“ in a large international consortium, which is funded by IPA.

Cyclists must be able to safely commute through the streets of our cities. It is a fundamental right of cyclists. That way we are helping our cities to become nicer, cleaner, healthier…

Bratislava, Slovakia

Cycling Coalition (Cyklokoalicia in Slovak) is a non-profit organization that aims to improve bicycle infrastructure in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are working closely with an expert on pedestrian needs, too. More bicycles mean fewer cars and better overall traffic flow for all forms of transport.

We started in late 2010 and work with the City of Bratislava for more bicycle lanes, better conditions and improved safety for cyclists.


Budapest, Hungary
Szimpla Bringás Bolhapiac

Szimpla Bringás Bolhapiac is a bicycle flea market on the seceond Saturday of each month at the Szimpla Kert. Domestic bike designers’ products, new bikes, used bikes and bike parts can be purchased at the fair.

Dresden, Germany
Radschlag Fahrradselbsthilfewerkstatt e.V.

Wir beraten, leiten. zur Selbsthilfe an, bieten Gebrauchträder, gute Ratschläge und tolle Atmosphäre. Außerdem gibts auch Gebrauchtteile in großer Auswahl und Neuteile (Grundsortiment…)

Larissa, Greece
Bicycle @ Larissa – Ποδηλάτες Λάρισας

Cyclists of Larissa (Bicycle @ larissa) are a group of citizens of Larissa, who has chosen the bicycle for fun and commuting in their city.

Thier main goals are:

  • to make aware all Larissa county dwellers that bicycle and cycling can be part of our daily lives,
  • to promote safe cycling in the streets, mainly in the city and the peripheral towns,
  • to promote the daily use of bicycles, and
  • to improve the cycling network within Larissa city.

To achieve the goals, they need all people’s help: young and elderly, professional, workers and farmers, families and local authorities such as Larissa Borough, Police chief and Local schools and Church authorities. Bicycle @ Larissa also cooperates with cycling organizations around the globe, various Greek cities cycling groups and clubs, and European cycling groups to increase the awareness of cycling benefits and how this can contribute to a better and more healthy urban life.

Munich, Germany
rehab republic

Rehab republic is a group of young people who wants to strike out on new paths. They want to bring the issues of sustainability, social justice and environmental protection into the heart of society.

Nürnberg, Germany

Projekt31 is an open, on its own initiative based project, which tries to implement various emancipatory ideas and practical approaches in a common process. It is intended to counteract the isolation in this society and motivate people to get involved and to shape their environment actively. They have a bicycle repair shop. This can be used for free to repair your bike with help.

Prague, Czech Republic

Salé is an anarchist infocentrum in Prague, Czech Republic. We offer a space for anti-autoritharian collectives and individuals. Together, we are working to create facilities for various workshops, presentations, screenings and meetings. We meet regularly to share meals and to discuss.

Info-center Salé is managed by an anarchist collective, but anarchism is not a dogma for us. Ourselves are not enclosed in any subculture. The door is open for you, even if you don´t consider yourself as anarchist.

In spring/summer times we run our bike workshop once a month.

Skopje, Macedonia
Na Tochak

Na Tochak (meaning „on bicycle“) is an unofficial bicycle organization. Their main goal is the promotion of bicycle as a means of transport in Skopje. Once a month they organize a critical mass. Every critical mass has its one theme. Na Tochak use the critical mass to call attention to the problems of cyclists in Skopje.